Friday, 15 April 2016

Diamanté poem

Do you know what a diamante poem is? It is a poem shaped like a diamond with two contrasting items. The first line has your first item ,the second line has two adjectives describing the first item,the third line has three verbs describing your first item, the fourth line has two nouns describing your first item and two nouns describing your second item. The fifth line has three verbs describing your second item and the sixth line has two adjectives describing your second item and the last line has your second item. We had a go at making our own diamante poem.Look!

By Annamaria kolliyil 

By Elizabeth

By Lakshana

By Kayci-Lee

By Kiera 

Mosaic madness

Beijing class travelled back in time and became Roman mosaic designers and makers! 

Everyone agreed it must've been very tricky to make effective-looking designs using only square tiles! 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Roman buildings

We're working hard on our sketching and shading skills. We drew and shaded pictures of the Colusseum and other buildings in Rome, it was very tricky! We gave each other feedback so we could improve our drawings.

Fabulous fractions

We were finding fractions very confusing to understand :( 

Luckily, these fraction walls made it really clear to see what fractions are, and which fractions are equivalents! 

Here we are creating the walls and exploring different ways of making equivalent fractions.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

World book day

We loved sharing our favourite books and our character costumes with the rest of the class! We discussed plots, blurbs, characters and front covers. 

We are software developers!

We are learning how to code and debug computer programmes, so eventually we can create our own games! 
First we had to do simple things make a character move through a maze. Now we know how to use repeat loops, 'If' scenarios and end goal instructions. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

'What's an egg roll?!'

Lucy has been teaching us gymnastics, we have been learning rolls,jumps and balances. We have learned egg rolls and star jumps. For the balances we had to work in pairs so we could try these different balances.

Written by Obed Chinwo